Jessica and Tony – Engaged

Some girls wear cowboy boots because they are trying to look cute.  *raises hand*… Guilty.  (Key word there is TRYING.)  And some girls wear cowboy boots because, well because they are real life cowgirls.  That would be Jessica.  And next month, she marries her cowboy.

Jessica and Tony… and a horse with no name.  … Cuz I been through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to be out of the rain.  Name that tune.  (talk about distracted eh?)















Jessica and Tony.  I had a blast that day.  Mosquito bites and all.  Let’s do it again next year.  I promise to comb my hair and ditch the pool shorts.

Victoria, we make a great team.  Except when you run behind my subjects!!  Just kidding.  Thank you again.

Anyone reading, name that tune from earlier, first person to do so, wins!

Happy Monday y’all.

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Nine Days New – Baby Sophia*

Secret.  I love babies.  So tender and new.  Little fingernails, toes, nose, ears.  The way they curl their little hand around your index finger.  The way they breathe so lightly.  The way they squeeze their little lips together when they want to eat.  And please do not get me started on their soft, heavenly smelling skin.  Oh how I wish I had more of other peoples’ babies in my life.

Please meet Baby Sophia at nine days fresh and new.


Have a great day!

*This post was revised on 2/9/2016.  Deal with it, yo!

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Drumroll please… THIRTY!


and i’m out.

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Day Twenty Nine – The Beach at Night

Ladies and Gentlemen… tomorrow is the last day of this photo a day challenge.  I don’t know if I am excited or bummed.  Only time will tell.  (okay that sounds dramatic).  For now, here is a photo of the beach at night.


See you tomorrow.

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Day Twenty Eight – Lights at Night

Three more days!  High five!

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Day Twenty Seven – Lucy and the Tomato

My dog is a fruit bat.  She loves to eat fruit.  So my assistant and I (and by assistant I mean husband) threw a tomato her way so I could take her picture.

She loved the tomato..


and hated the camera.





Happy Monday!

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Day Twenty Six – Flowers

I did not take this picture today.  Sue me.

Is this challenge over yet?

Is anyone still here?

What should my last three pictures be?

What are my monkeys doing?  I miss them.  Even though I saw them a few hours ago.  Still I miss them.

Hey it was this or, yes you guessed it, stars.  Or twinkies, however you want to look at it.

Thanks for checking in another day.  It’s almost over people.

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