I wanted a niece.

My sister: “I think I’m pregnant.”

Me: “You think?”

My sister: “I am. I know I am”

Me: “But how do you know for sure”

My sister: “I just do”

I refrain from jumping up and down and yelling yippee.  Instead, I grab my video camera and proceed to record my sister sitting on the couch starring at me with a blank face.  I make her say it again.  I want this on record so that if it is not true… well… I can hold her to it so she makes sure and makes me an aunt twice.

Next day, I head to the little girls section of Macy’s and buy glittery outfits for my niece, my little princess.  What? Oh you want to know how my sister knew she was having a girl.  Well she didn’t. But I knew.

I knew I would have a little princess as a niece and that we would do each other’s nails in bright colors, and I would comb her hair in pigtails with huge sparkly bows.  I knew that I would buy her all the Barbie dolls in the world, and all the pretend makeup her heart desired.  I knew that she would be a shoe freak like me and we would go shopping for hours and hours together for the perfect pair.  I knew that I would bedazzle all her clothes, and yes…. believe this, I would buy her what every girl must have, diamond earrings.

I found myself one day at the jewelry store, picking out diamonds for my little niece’s first earrings.  I dragged my husband to the jewelry store so he could help me with the decision.  He thought I was crazy, but went along anyway.  Can you believe they only had round?  I needed princess cut.  So I planned to order them.  And I made sure that they were upgradable because although they would start as little, I would upgrade them slowly until she reached a carat in each ear before she got married.  CRAZY? YES.  Good thing my husband has the common sense in this relationship and made me wait until we got conformation that my sister was indeed, having a girl.  As if I could be wrong.

I can go on about my feelings towards my unborn niece for a very long time.  So for your sake, lets fast forward 4 months.  My sister was to announce what she was having, at my aunts house. We gathered there and she brought a box with baby’s first outfit inside.  She opened the box in what felt like slow motion.  I looked inside, and all I saw was a blur.  A blur of blue. Yes, blue! Not pink, blue.  She was having another boy.

I felt a huge void in my heart until the moment my sister was in the hospital delivering my second nephew.  Then he came into this world, and straight into my heart.  How could I have possibly wanted a girl??  He was practically perfect in every way. No girl could compare.

To this day, I look at him sometimes and think of how badly I wanted him to be a girl, but how happy I am that he wasn’t.  A niece was what I wanted, but my baby Noah was what I needed.

Thanks for reading.  See you next time!


About audreyrodriguez

I am simple, yet complicated. Sunprotection, don't leave home without it. Any nocturne by Chopin makes me happy, that and high heels. Don't forget Lucille Ball, both the actress and my miniature pinscher. Can I take your picture?
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4 Responses to I wanted a niece.

  1. Martha "Abby" Mortensen says:

    ¡Que chulo! I loved your story Audrey. :0) Too cute! I didn’t know you were into photography. That’s awesome! Take care and don’t be a stranger. -Tu prima Martha/Abby

  2. Selina says:

    Audrey, I have three nieces, and yes it is amazing, but I was so happy when my best friend had a boy. Finnally I could rough and tumble, not that I didnt with my nieces, but its different with a boy. And at least you refrained from jumping up and down, when my sister told me she was pregnant, I did just that, actually I did that the first time each of my sisters told me they were pregnant…

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