Lake Tahoe With My Little Men

I was in Lake Tahoe a couple weeks ago.  While I was there, a certain little man was showing off his skills.  He is five years old and holds my heart in his hands, he is my baby.  And he is officially a snowboarder and skier.

Enjoy the little guy.

He gave the signal, he is ready to go!

Can’t forget the Chapstick.

I have two little men in my life, here is the other.

“Why is my pack leaving me?”

His Tio will teach him how it’s done.

I hiked up this mountain to watch my brother in action.  I discovered I have asthma.  No joke people.  This might look small in the picture, but imagine hiking in knee deep snow up hill.  Where was my inhaler when I needed it?!?!  Wait, I don’t own an inhaler.

And here he is, in mid air.

The clouds were beautiful on our way down the mountain.  It was too cold to roll the window down.  Plus I had an asthma attack earlier remember?

The mother of my babies.  My beautiful sister.

Self portrait.

Ski time next.  My sister is the smart one in the family.  Instead of paying $100 for ski classes for my nephew, she stood right next to the lady giving personal ski lessons (the lady didn’t even notice) and repeated everything she heard to my nephew.  It worked.

While one of my little men was on the slopes…

He loves the camera.  I trained him well.

Happy Wednesday Y’all!



About audreyrodriguez

I am simple, yet complicated. Sunprotection, don't leave home without it. Any nocturne by Chopin makes me happy, that and high heels. Don't forget Lucille Ball, both the actress and my miniature pinscher. Can I take your picture?
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One Response to Lake Tahoe With My Little Men

  1. Proud Grandpa says:

    Paul and Noah. Winter XGames 2026. Count on it!

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