No, I didn’t give up… yet *

No.  I did not give up on blogging.  Not yet anyway.  Just that these past weeks have been filled with exciting activity and busy days.  And, I get distracted very very easily.   Example, last night I sat down to blog, and I got sidetracked by a YouTube video on the top ten super foods.  When I went back to the blog, I somehow ended up making a video of my nephew and got lost in the decision of which song to use as a background.   So people, my point is… I am not a good at this.  But I like to write, and so I haven’t given up yet.   

I know who reads this, funny thing is… I see all three of you weekly so I can basically just tell you about my adventures in person.  But this is more exciting right??!!

Stay tuned please.  I will be back.  Soon.  Hopefully.  One day. 

And I might even share a picture of Lucille Ball. 

*Update: Today is February 9th 2016 and I haven’t blogged in three and a half years.  So you can now say this post was a LIE. A BIG FAT LIE!  Sue me.



About audreyrodriguez

I am simple, yet complicated. Sunprotection, don't leave home without it. Any nocturne by Chopin makes me happy, that and high heels. Don't forget Lucille Ball, both the actress and my miniature pinscher. Can I take your picture?
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2 Responses to No, I didn’t give up… yet *

  1. yo daddy says:

    Never, never quit!

  2. Federico Guardafangos says:

    Mr Miyagi never quit on Daniel san. Your fans never quit on you.

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