I Love Lucy

A few weeks ago I said I would post pictures of Lucille Ball… well, here she is.  Don’t judge.  You can call her Lucy for short.

When she first entered our lives, she was less than two pounds, floppy ears and a short nose.  Then she grew to a whopping five pounds. What a fatty.

Her ears naturally stand up.  Some miniature pinscher owners opt to crop their dogs ears as to make them stand up (mean I know), but Lucy’s stand all on their own.  Her tail already was docked when we got her.

Here she is with grass in her mouth.  This is not an accident, she does this all the time, like Razor Ramon (member that? you member!!).

“You talkin tu mi?”

There, you met her.  Now your life is complete.  Noah calls her “Luchee”. Cute huh.

See ya next time.  I promise this time no more dogs.



About audreyrodriguez

I am simple, yet complicated. Sunprotection, don't leave home without it. Any nocturne by Chopin makes me happy, that and high heels. Don't forget Lucille Ball, both the actress and my miniature pinscher. Can I take your picture?
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3 Responses to I Love Lucy

  1. esteban says:

    this is steves property. he peed on her. claim to fame. Steve-o was her size when he was like two days old. now hes…a giant poddle. btw lucy is better than stella. terrible cat.

  2. yo pops says:

    Steve owns Lucy!

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