Day One

I always make grandiose plans, extensive lists, and have big ideas.  My problem is the follow through.  It’s like I swing, but not all the way.  Although I did complete P9X.  Wait what?  It’s not called that?  You mean I wasn’t done after nine days?  Great. 

Anyway, a few photographers that I stalk, I mean follow, started this “challenge”.  And I accepted.  This is how it works.  Take a picture, post it the next day.  Voila!  Sounds easy no? Not for me.  Totally sounds like another uncompleted project waiting to happen.  But lately I have been trying to do things that are out of my comfort zone.  Okay fine, I made a list of things to do that scare me and that’s as far as I got.  But… I do plan to paddle board and snorkel (Yes I said it! you know who) in San Diego waters soon.  So add a 30 day photo challenge to that list.  Starting today. 

Here it goes. 

Last night I had a nail polish session with my baby cousins aka little divas.  They are getting ready for Disneyland and need appropriate nail attire.  Nail attire?  I just made that up right now.  And I like it.  Anyway, it was fun painting tiny nails.  And although we had to re-do them a few times due to some rubbing of toes on the carpet… they turned out marvelous. 

Day one.  A little diva painting her toes.   Please note that these pictures will be of all the randomness that happens in my life.  I apologize ahead of time.


See you tomorrow!  Unless I give up that is.


About audreyrodriguez

I am simple, yet complicated. Sunprotection, don't leave home without it. Any nocturne by Chopin makes me happy, that and high heels. Don't forget Lucille Ball, both the actress and my miniature pinscher. Can I take your picture?
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3 Responses to Day One

  1. YOU WILL NOT GIVE UP! You got this! Shoot and see what turns up in 30 days! You may fall more in love with photography. You may find a style. You may be so proud when you’re done. You may see things in a different light. Just acknowledge the feelings you have about it and let it ride.

    And girl, that P9x cracked me up. I can’t tell you how many weeks I have been on “week one” of Jillian Micheals 30 day shred. 🙂

  2. yo pops says:

    Do not give up. Never , never quit! We will follow you till day 30 and beyond!

  3. yo cousin (the prettiest one) says:

    I have been following as well, now I have another reason to follow “Yo Pops” comments never fail to make me laugh.

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