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Jessica and Tony – Engaged

Some girls wear cowboy boots because they are trying to look cute.  *raises hand*… Guilty.  (Key word there is TRYING.)  And some girls wear cowboy boots because, well because they are real life cowgirls.  That would be Jessica.  And next … Continue reading

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Nine Days New – Baby Sophia*

Secret.  I love babies.  So tender and new.  Little fingernails, toes, nose, ears.  The way they curl their little hand around your index finger.  The way they breathe so lightly.  The way they squeeze their little lips together when they … Continue reading

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Juniors Cheesecake and a Little Man

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  And although web logging has been on my mind, I have always been queen of procrastination, so yeah. Anyway, Eddie and I went to New York a few weeks ago (which reminds … Continue reading

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Something New*

It is past nine at night on a Thursday.  I sit here starring at my computer screen thinking about how early I have to wake up tomorrow.  I should be going to sleep.  But then I do not want to … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy

A few weeks ago I said I would post pictures of Lucille Ball… well, here she is.  Don’t judge.  You can call her Lucy for short. When she first entered our lives, she was less than two pounds, floppy ears … Continue reading

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Worldwide. Oh yeah. *

“Ur slackin on the blogs”…  that was a message I got last week.  And may I say, that this message came from a reader in JAPAN!  Yes people, believe it, my blog is read all around the planet earth!!  Let’s … Continue reading

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Pictures on a Cloudy Day *

I am back.  I know you have been waiting in agony to see my posts.  Okay okay so maybe not.   But I have been dying to share these next couple of pictures.  Why?  Because this girl is serious model … Continue reading

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