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The First Day of Kindergarten

It was the first day of the kindergarten school year.  Parents were aloud to stay all day on the first day, and so I did. My sister and I watched from the back of the classroom as he managed to … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy

A few weeks ago I said I would post pictures of Lucille Ball… well, here she is.  Don’t judge.  You can call her Lucy for short. When she first entered our lives, she was less than two pounds, floppy ears … Continue reading

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Worldwide. Oh yeah. *

“Ur slackin on the blogs”…  that was a message I got last week.  And may I say, that this message came from a reader in JAPAN!  Yes people, believe it, my blog is read all around the planet earth!!  Let’s … Continue reading

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No, I didn’t give up… yet *

No.  I did not give up on blogging.  Not yet anyway.  Just that these past weeks have been filled with exciting activity and busy days.  And, I get distracted very very easily.   Example, last night I sat down to blog, … Continue reading

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Newborn Babies and Breaking the Rules

Who ever said blogging on Wednesdays was going to be easy? Today is Thursday, not Wednesday. I am breaking my own rules. At first I thought it would be nice to write every Wednesday, just because Wednesday is a pretty … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe With My Little Men

I was in Lake Tahoe a couple weeks ago.  While I was there, a certain little man was showing off his skills.  He is five years old and holds my heart in his hands, he is my baby.  And he … Continue reading

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I wanted a niece.

My sister: “I think I’m pregnant.” Me: “You think?” My sister: “I am. I know I am” Me: “But how do you know for sure” My sister: “I just do” I refrain from jumping up and down and yelling yippee. … Continue reading

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